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Welcome to the new online presence of Militia Immaculatae (MI Trust) of Leicester, England.

We are a Roman Catholic charity formed in 1982 to promote love and dedication to Our Lord Jesus Christ through the powerful assistance of Our Blessed Lady.

Please call back regularly to see how we transform this space into our high tech information and online faith portal.

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Highcross quarter based christian shop

Originally located on the outskirts of the City of Leicester, a shop of unusual name and colourful contents beckoned many a passer-by to investigate. Once inside they would learn that the name, Militia Immaculatae, was Latin for Militants of the Immaculate, and still not be any wiser!

Whilst the original purpose of such a title would require a history lesson in Catholic Culture, the spirit and intention is simple — to be inspired by the example of the Mary the Mother of God: to be wise, to be dedicated, to be industrious, to be compassionate, to be courageous and above all, to be open to direction by the Divine Will.

‘So, you may ask, how does a shop full of religious icons bring anyone closer to the Divine? Clearly it does not. Your connection to the Divine is your gift. It is a birthright that no one can give or take away. “Things” can only assist us in focusing our minds and hearts - much as a photograph of a friend, or a piece of music, or even a particular scent will immediately transport our thoughts and emotions to another time and place. It’s all just a case of physically “tagging” the intangible world of human sentience. For whilst we are spiritual beings, we are blessed with physical bodies in order to experience and cherish the total wonderment of ourselves, each other and the stunningly beautiful world in which we live — all works of the Divine Artist.

Individually crafted and gifted in so many different ways; it would be a mistake to think that we would all be inspired by the same “things”. So at M.I you will find a wide selection of meditation aids, gifts, cards and gowns to celebrate most Christian occasions. Most importantly you will also find a chapel on the first floor of our now, city centre premises in Leicester. There, you will find the peaceful presence Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. All are welcome to enjoy this haven of tranquility amidst the bustle of daily business.

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Please feel free to phone us or drop us a line via the email feedback form below. Its always especially nice to hear from people who found us via our website.

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Christmas Items

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We supply...

  1. 23 different bibles...
  2. 103 styles of rosaries
  3. 215 different crucifixes
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